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Feedback från kunder

Vad säger våra kunder?

ThermotexTM produkter jobbar alla med djupgående infraröd värme, där vävnader på ett ofarligt sätt långsamt värms upp. Det leder till ökad blodcirkulation på aktuellt område. Med blodet, som är kroppens "återuppbyggnads"-verk, fraktas slagprodukter bort och kroppen försöker att förnya celler och andra byggstenar i aktuellt område. Du påskyndar alltså kroppens naturliga läkningsprocess och ger samtidigt tillfällig lindring av smärta etc.

Så här säger några kunder som har använt Thermotex produkter världen över:

Anders Östberg

Jag har haft stora problem med tennisarmbåge och gått på behandling för det i flera år, utan att komma till rätta med problemet. Det har hindrat mig från att spela golf i den utsträckning jag har velat, på grund av smärtor och obehag.

Jag har haft den här produkt i 5 veckor nu och jag är väldigt nöjd, trots att det inte är en billig produkt. Redan under första veckan kändes en förbättring, använda den 3-4 ggr per dag i början. I början använda jag den både före och efter en golfrunda, numera använder jag den en till två gånger per dag för att förebygga problem.

Bra att jag också kan använda den på andra delar av kroppen om jag behöver. Min sambo har också börjat använda den på sin stela nacke. Trevligt att kunna njuta mer av golfen, istället för att känna smärta och obehag. Rekommenderas varmt åt personer med likartade problem. Sänkning på gång ?!!

Tove Sandström

Har tidigare fått behandling i en större helkroppsmaskin, med infraröd värme. Så jag visste att det fungerar mycket bra redan innan. Blev positivt överraskad att det fanns små produkter för hemmabruk också. Bekanta som bor i Asien, säger att infraröd värme som behandlingsform är mycket vanligt där. Nu kommer det nog att bli mer och mer vanligt även i Sverige! Jag har med mig min dyna även på resor och min man och mina barn lånar den ibland, så fler har nytta av den.

Jag kan varmt rekommendera produkten till andra med små åkommor och återkommande problem!

Pirjo Pesonen
Helsinki, Finland

Thermotex – A versatile aid to enhance the work of a massaeur:

The relief of spasms in deep muscles assists massage treatments whilst also decreasing pain. In my experience relaxation is felt deeper when Thermotex infrared treatment is used in conjunction with pure massage than with pure massage only! I recommend Thermotex equipment as an auxiliary tool to the work of medical professionals.”

Mr. David Jones
Bourne Court Business Centre - Caretaker
United Kingdom

I have been having problems with my knees for the past two years.

This April 2007 my GP sent me to have x-rays on both knees, the results came back with a diagnoses of Osteoarthritis. At times I could only walk a few yards because of the pain. I visited my GP who gave me pain killers to easy the pain only.

Where I work there is a medical distribution company called Steadfast who I spoke with regarding the pain I was experiencing. They suggested that I try Thermotex Infrared therapy system to ease the pain.

The first couple of days I used it for ½ hour in the morning and ½ hour in the evening. There are settings on it but I found the low setting the best. By the third day there was an ease of the pain and it continued to ease as the days went on. It was making me feel so much better week by week that I eased off my pain killers to taking one a day instead of two.

I went on holiday for 1 week but forgot to take my Thermotex with me and I did miss it, as I had to go back to 2 pain killers per day.

I continue to use my Thermotex but now only 4 times a week when I get home from work. I truly believe that my Thermotex is benefiting my problem as it has considerably reduced the pain so that I am able to carry out my work.

Ken Larson

Former Member of Canada's National Basketball Team (1981-1984)
President of Champion Performance Systems Inc. (personal coaching & development)

Thank you Thermotex for giving me back my freedom. I have had arthritic knees since 1981 due to years of basketball. I have had a total of nine knee operations in an effort to regain functionality as well as to reduce my 24/7 nagging pain. Nothing has really worked with respect to the pain. When I found and tried Thermotex, my pain relief was almost immediate. YIPPEE!!! In just 20 minutes (or more) with the Platinum Pad wrapped around my knees every other day... My knees are 95% pain-free! Thanks to you I am back in the gym again, strengthening my legs for the first time in over 20 years. I had forgotten what it was like to be able to sleep without waking up several times a night in pain. Thanks again!!!

“As a CPGA Class “A” golf professional with a focus on golf specific conditioning I have found the Thermotex to be an effective tool in the management of recovery and recuperation from golf and training. The Thermotex is portable and effective. It can provide benefit to virtually any golfer, recreational or professional.”

Kendal Yonemoto, Vancouver, CANADA

“The pad which I ordered from your company has given me so much relief from my chronic back pain that I called today to order one for my daughter.”

Margaret- Santa Barbara CA, USA

“We incorporate Thermotex as part of our rehabilitation programmes to increase blood flow in the targeted treatment area and to ease muscle spasm prior to treatment. Many patients elect to purchase Thermotex at the end of treatment.”

Frida Ljungars, SPINA Back Clinic, London, UK

“I am now a firm believer in Thermotex and would recommend it to any curler who has knee problems like myself.”

Raymond- Saskatchewan, Canada

“About 90% of my clients who use one of the Thermotex pads that I send home with them to use, purchase it. It helps with the healing process, and gives them pain relief. Most of my clients have back issues, such as spasms, or herniated discs. I also have clients with knee problems and arthritis. They have also received relief using the Thermotex pad.”

Vicky Jo Smith CST LDT - Vital Link Health Centre, Polson, Montana USA

“Working with an NFL team (Seattle Seahawks) presents numerous types of injuries. The Thermotex infrared pad offers a portable, state of the art modality that provides results fast. From general muscle tension to spasm and edema, speeding recovery from fracture, or aiding in ligamentous repair, Thermotex systems are an invaluable tool utilized on a daily basis to help return players to the field. Thermotex systems also aid in general recovery and prevent injury. In working with Olympic level sprinters, the Thermotex system is utilized both in pre and post workout routines to improve blood flow, aid in metabolic waste product removal from the musculature speeding athlete recovery.”

Dr. Gerry Ramogida B.Sc. DC, Vancouver BC CANADA

“The Thermotex pad is the best health tool on the market in combination of ease of application, effectiveness, price, and guarantee of product.

Michael- Christina Lake B.C. Canada

I have pulled muscles in my back and the results with the Thermotex pad is absolutely great! I highly recommend this product for the relief of pain and stress.

Vern – Saskatoon Sask. Canada

In my chiropractic clinic, we use Thermotex products daily as a pre-adjustment protocol. We treat almost every patient with Thermotex deep heat prior to adjustment and find that this therapy assists greatly in our treatments. We also make the infrared heat systems available for home use. We have been using Thermotex for 8 years and recommend it highly as a very effective therapy tool.

Dr. Jeff Schacter, Calgary, Canada


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